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Connecticut Pavers

The most important part of any project is understanding the client’s wants and needs.  We take the time to truly understand the vision for your home, business or town. This includes helping execute the perfect design, that is functional and within budget. We feel that communication on all phases of the project is essential and we are dedicated to engaging with our clients every step of the way. See our gallery to view our work in action.

Stone Driveways

The process we specialize in is commonly called “Chip Sealing”. It may also be referred to as armor-coating, penetration, or simply oil and stone. Experience matters!  We pioneered this process in Connecticut and have been honing our craft since 1966.

This process combines a liquid asphalt with crushed stone to provide a hard durable surface to either existing asphalt or gravel base. Chip sealing offers a variety of colors of stone for a custom and sophisticated look.  The process and materials used are environmentally safe and results are beautiful. Visit our gallery to view some options and call us for a free estimate.

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A well-built, well-maintained asphalt driveway adds curb appeal to your house.  It’s the first impression of your home that people see and it should be inviting and clearly define the space.  It’s also a great place for sidewalk chalk or a basketball game.

Asphalt driveways are easy to keep free of snow and ice in the winter and relatively dirt-free in the summer.  They are economical, durable, long lasting and easy to maintain.

For commercial and municipal clientele, we offer professional paving for all size parking lots. We also provide milling and overlay or complete removal and replacement.

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To properly maintain a driveway or parking lot, it’s important to keep it clean and any cracks or holes addressed.  If a driveway is in relatively good condition, but there are one or two bad areas, cutting and patching may be an option. The area will be prepared the same as with paving by applying a tack coat adhesive to the edges of the patch and paving the area with new asphalt.

When considering a patch you must understand that the new and old asphalt will not match. The new asphalt will be black where the older asphalt has probably turned grey. The difference in appearance will be noticeable.

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Our sweep trucks thoroughly scrub and vacuum pavement surfaces to clean off debris and refresh driving surfaces. Your driveway will look brighter and more inviting.

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We offer a full range of excavation services for your driveway.

  • drainage
  • asphalt removal
  • driveway shaping
  • topsoil removal
  • minor demolition

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We maintain existing gravel driveways. We have graders and heavy rollers to reclaim moved or washed out gravel and compact base material. We can remove potholes and add gravel as needed.

  • grading
  • drainage
  • compaction
  • gravel
  • shaping
  • stone delivery

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Existing pavement application

The preparation for working with existing asphalt usually consists of:

  1. Sweeping/cleaning the existing driveway.
  2. Pothole patching if necessary.
  3. Applying a coat of liquid asphalt to the driveway or road surface.
  4. Spreading and compacting stone into the liquid asphalt.
  5. Remove or leave excess stone as desired.

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New Construction application

The preparation for working with a new gravel driveway usually consists of:

  1. Establishing driveway shape and design.
  2. Address drainage and grading issues.
  3. Build proper driveway base.
  4. Treat areas with oil and stone application.

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The most important part of any construction project is managing customer desires and expectations. We feel that communication is necessary on all phases of the project. This includes design, functionality, color and associated costs. Stone Driveways of New England will not change any scope of work being done without approval, including budgetary figures.